Kiran Shrestha (Middle School Head)
and Richa Pandey (Primary Incharge)

The excitement of the children as we embarked on the Cultural Exchange Program with Veer Bhagat Singh International School in Mumbai.

Day 1: Arrival in Mumbai, 21st of Jan 2024

As we reached Mumbai, the children’s eyes widened with marvel and curiosity at the bustling cityscape. They were waiting to be filled with the sights and sounds of the vibrant city. They were eager to finally meet their host parents and fellow students face-to-face, their imaginations swirling with anticipation about the new friendships and experiences that were about to unfold.

Day 2: Exploring Juhu Beach, 22nd of Jan 2024

Since it was a holiday on the occasion of the Pran Pratishtha ceremony of Ram Lalla idol at Ayodhya Ram Temple. So, for a half-day the children stayed at home. At around 1:30 pm, we left for Juhu Beach. The teachers and the parents of VBSIS accompanied us. The sea greeted us with open arms. Children enjoyed themselves wholeheartedly on the sea beach. They enjoyed the savoring street food delights. It was a day filled with laughter, joys and lots of smiles.

Day 3: Welcoming and opening celebration in VBSIS, 23rd of Jan 2024

On the first day of school, our journey started with a warm welcome with the traditional wearing of the tika, symbolizing auspicious beginnings. As students and teachers gathered for the grand opening ceremony, the atmosphere buzzed with anticipation. Excitement filled the air as students and teachers gathered for the big opening ceremony. Children of Veer Bhagat Singh International and Rajarshi Gurukul showcased their performances. Their performances were not just showcases of talent but also the reflections of the exquisite diverse cultures and traditions of different countries of India and Nepal. After the program, they had different group activities.

Day 4: Mumbai Darshan, 24th of Jan 2024

Mumbai is renowned as the city that never sleeps, with a diverse culture, rich history and a vibrant atmosphere. Mumbai Darshan (sightseeing trip) promises a memorable experience. We visited many places such as the Gateway of India (boat ride), Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mahalaxmi temple, Siddhivinayak and many more.

Day 5: Nehru Science Centre and Planetarium, 25th of Jan 2024

We had an incredible experience at the Nehru Science Centre and Planetarium. The interactive demonstrations were fascinating, covering topics such as – the formation of the solar system, human evolution, dinosaurs, and much more. The planetarium presentation was a captivating journey through space, allowing you to learn about stars, planets, and galaxies. It was a wonderful opportunity to explore and engage with science in such an immersive way.

Day 6: Republic Day and closing ceremony, 26th of Jan 2024

On Republic Day, the atmosphere at Veer Bhagat School was filled with patriotism as we arrived at 7 O’clock. The students, dressed in cultural attire, lined up for the March Pass. The program began with the national anthem of India and the hoisting of the flag by the chief guest. Informative performances by the students and a brief statement from the chief guest followed, marking the end of the program. The staff members swiftly transitioned to preparing for the next scheduled program. Our students participated in the closing ceremony, and the host students along with their parents, shared their heartwarming experiences of hosting our students. The emotional atmosphere was intense as they already had a strong bond with our students. The closing ceremony concluded with remarks from the teachers, parents and students and an exchange of souvenirs. We eagerly looked forward to the ‘Fun Fiesta’ program, joining the kids as they examined the upcoming event. It was a day filled with a range of emotions and meaningful experiences.

Day 7: Last day of our departure, 27th Jan 2024

On the last day of leaving India to head back to Kathmandu, we felt a lot of mixed feelings. We thought about all the fun we had, the new things we learned and the friends we made in India. As we boarded the bus and said goodbye to everyone, our hearts swelled with sadness. On the way back to Kathmandu, we thought about our time in India and looked forward to being back home, cherishing lots of happy memories with us.

Thank you Rajarshi Gurukul for allowing us to be part of the Cultural Exchange.


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