Agraj Bhattarai
Grade X

Everything is coming to an end,
This ten-year journey,
Feels like it started yesterday,
But time waits for no one and,
It silently passes away.

There was once, a clueless me,
Didn’t know what I was getting myself into,
I just wanted everyone to let me be,

Then I started making friends,
I have fun with them every time,
But little I know,
Those were the people I’d cherish,
For the rest of my life.

Made many companions,
But also lost a few,
Made many memories,
As the years went through.

And now that we’re getting closer to the finish line,
The memories come flooding back to our minds, 
All the ups and downs we shared,
All the times we felt truly alive.

But this isn’t the end,
A new journey is in the making,
So when we complete this journey,
There awaits us, A new beginning…


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