Grade IX

I was never ready to cut it off,
You came and took my heart along. 
I waited thinking you would come,
Stupid me losing everything I want.

It’s suddenly 12 am and I’m still wide awake ,
I stare at my ceiling and question myself ,
“Something must be wrong with you”
“Or you’re just a burden “
Only my tears know the importance of curtains .

It’s now 3 am and I’m still staring at that blank ceiling ,
Freaking n’ lots of folly feeling.
My head’s voice lay much louder ,
My eyes are now filled with fear.

It’s now 6 am, gotta wake up n’ freshen up,
I suddenly lose my balance to stand up.
All I can do is be in delusion, 
Try to convince myself it’s not the solution. 

Your distance was the reason you left me,
But why do I still remember you?
Why do I still want you even when you’re miles away from me?
Your philosophy “right person wrong time”,
Isn’t it alibi that you just needed a reason to run?
I believed in you and look who’s the stupid one,
Your outdated infinity that was never the true one. 

I knew your favorite movie, your fav songs and your fav person, you never knew mine; ha
Everything has changed now,
I don’t even know who you are.
But still I keep my hopes high,
Knowing it’s not gonna be alright. 

I know you have gone far;
You gotta rush to the door,
Just know that my love for you is never ending,
You never knew when I’d  start vanishing. 


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