Diggaj Shrestha
Grade X

The Chelsea World School Football Tournament was a blast and a really fun experience. It was tough and competitive playing there. I, Diggaj Shrestha, was the goalkeeper for the RG team. For the first 3 games, there were almost no shots that were terrifying as our defense was quite strong. But for the semi-finals and finals, it was quite a terrifying game. I was nervous every single time the game started as small mistakes from me can be costly. Our coach instructed us well. So, during the semi-final, I was quite confident and saved many goals and won a sweet victory of 6-1. As for finals, it was with the home school only- Chelsea World School. They had many people supporting them so I was very nervous and excited as soon as the game started. A few shots bulleted me and then I started to build my confidence. No sooner than the first half ended, the second half was whistled. I tried and saved many goals. We conceded a goal first. Then, we were very nervous. However, Susan promptly scored a goal for an equalizer. Then we thought that the game was over with 1 minute remaining. Karan scored a powerful long shot goal leading the team to victory with the score of 2-1.
Unbelievable! my tears rolled down with pleasure and pride. “Hurray! We won the Tournament.”


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