Jenish Prajapati
Grade X

Our RG senior boys football team recently participated in the 3rd Chelsea Inter-School Futsal Tournament and proudly we earned the victory of the tournament!! It was a really tough and thrilling experience. I am Jenish Prajapati from grade 10, one of the players of the RG senior football team and I want to share my experience of one of the most fascinating tournaments of my school life.
So, our first match was set against the AGM school and we won the match by a high margin i.e., 12-0. Our first match went amazing. The second match against young hearts also took place on the same day and we interestingly won the second match by a 5-0 score. It was a moment of cherish but we had tougher battles upcoming too. After the two amazing victories, we placed ourselves in the quarterfinals of the tournament. We had to win the upcoming matches at any cost and yes, we did. We won the quarterfinals against Budhanilkantha School with a close battle of 2-1 score. It was really tough against them but with our teamwork and effort, we beat them. Then we proceeded to the semi-finals against the New-Era School. We thought that it would be tougher but the semi-final match went smoothly and we won the match by a stunning 6-1 score. Then, we eventually reached the finals of the tournament. The most important match for our team as well as the school. We knew it would be as easy as the previous matches.
Fortunately, the home team Chelsea Football team also reached the finals and we had to face them passionately. The finals took place on the same day we won the semi-finals. The date of the finale is marked by 11th June 2023. We knew the Chelsea team was the toughest of all in the tournament, so, we had to give our everything for that 30 minutes of our life. Being one of the toughest teams, they had a greater advantage too which was the fans’ support. With the cheering from all directions in support of the Chelsea Football team, we had a lot of pressure, too. The 30-minutes match felt something like a world cup finale. I could hear the cheering from all directions and the pressure went rising. The match went very tough and durable. We conceded the first goal before halftime and lost a little hope. But we still didn’t give up because the match wasn’t over yet. And yes after a few minutes in the second half, we scored a goal and made it a tie. Our whole team’s confidence was boosted after the goal and we didn’t lose hope. A few minutes before the end of the match, one of our best players Karan Dip Shrestha scored a banger long shot goal and gave us the lead. That goal was very crucial to our victory. After the lead, we gave it our best to defend the ball until the final whistle. And yes, we successfully defended until the very end and won the match with a 2-1 score. it felt like we won everything we needed to. I can’t explain the amount of joy we felt. Our teamwork, effort and faith from the beginning finally did it. It was a moment cherished.
The tournament lasted for 5 days and the experience we gained was very astonishing. We proudly lifted the shining trophy at the closing ceremony was showcased in our shool to mark our historic victory. In addition to the tournament win, our goalkeeper Diggaj Shrestha won the best keeper award for his exceptional goalkeeping skills. The highest goal scorer award was awarded to our striker Nirveek Thapa and the title of the best coach was awarded to our team coach Mr. Urjan Shrestha under the leadership of Mr. Kamal Khadka who is the team manager.


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